Saturday, February 28, 2009

...the path

a walk...
taken along a path
where i use to play as
a young girl...
you know the time when you could be gone for hours and your mom wasn't
concerned where you were...
you came in for something to eat
and were off again until
the next meal was due or the
sun was going down.
this path
followed the lane
where the cows use to trod
back to the far pasture.
the overhang created by the snow
is a place i use to dig snow forts and play.
it was a much simpler time then...
it was a happy childhood...
i walk this path
and i smile
because it was...
and now
it is again.
just BE.


madrekarin said...

You are such the poet. :)

sarayutouched said...

Karin~i can not begin to express how blessed i feel to be in this place. i have always loved this farm land...and i will never take this for granted.