Saturday, February 21, 2009

park street

today i was going in a whole other direction
in my thoughts
in what i was going to share...
our summons came in the mail
our court date is march 2
and i feel a sadness
as i think back to this house
this material possession...
i am sad.
this house, for 11 years was this safe place
this place of laughter
this place of family
this place of goodness.
and i drive past this
and it stands there in this state of sadness...
where did my family go...
what happen to that happy family...
where are the children who played here in my rooms...
and ran in my yard playing catch and laid in my grass watching the stars.
i remember when they moved in the, it was just the two kids then...
then a year later the littlest one came along.
i watched them grow
i watched their highs, and i celebrated with them
and i watched their lows and i cried with them.
and now...
now i stand
i stand here as a place of
memories of hate,
arrests warrants,
i stand here as a house of shame...
my yard is full of trash...
my rooms are full of chaos, upheaval.
my rooms are quiet...
the bad family is gone.
i know my old family will fix me...
i know they will bring me a happy family again...
i know i will be alright.
i know my old family that loved me, will be alright.
i will be a safe place again. i promise.

just BE .

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