Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday morning...

meditation with Papa, my camera and me.

this weekend is to
be remembered
the sunshine
the warmer temps
the melting snow
the bare ground
the sound of happy birds
the squish of mud under
my boots
the smells that warmer weather brings
the trickling of water
coffee on the porch with my folks
and the smile on my face
and the contentment in my heart.
i know the weather will change
i am grateful for this weekend...
i am just living in the moment
just BE...


Tilda said...

Crazy child of mine, didn't your mama ever tell you that the old huge maple tree hasn't been safe to climb in years? you are too OLD to climb trees? i am seriously NOT cleaned up sufficiently for a trip to the emergency room after you fall OUT of the tree, and that the old wood ladder you climbed up is in really bad condition?? However, you really got some great pictures.
And were Papa was watching over you. Big smile.

sarayutouched said...

Ah...Miss are never to you not know me? If I were to have fallen...and you were to be at ER in your wool hat...what a story we would have to laugh at. It is these small moments, in one still frame, that makes this family uniquely ours...I live for these precious moments...I love these still frames that make up our lives. Yes-Papa was probably watching...and so was Herman and Inez...and they were laughing and shaking their heads.