Sunday, February 15, 2009


i awake
to warmth
the warmth of the sun reflecting off my mirrors...
it fills the room with hope,
hope that only a new day can bring.
i slip quietly out from under my covers
where i,
just minutes ago,
was dreaming
dreaming about children and laughter
...make coffee a fire
...feed the birds
three things that i love doing on the weekend
these are tasks that on the week days just means
one more thing that i am rushing to do before i leave for the day.
while i wait for the coffee to finish brewing
while i wait for the fire to take off...
i slip out into the quiet of the morning
to my sanctuary
the choir is standing
and in the silence
their voices
i share fellowship
with all the beauty,
the beauty
that is before me

this is Sunday morning
this is my time
this is my sanctuary

may your blessings,
just as mine do,
just BE.


joanne said...

basking and soaking in all the beauty of these last three posts...the images...the sparkles in your eyes...the happy bird who inscribed a heart with tiny feet...the lovely words of a sacred heart so full...


thank you :)

CARole said...

Your photos are so lovely. I just found you this morning and I am going to add your blog to my blog list. I will be back to read more when I have the time, so until then, I want to thank you for such a lovely one. The cup of coffee made me smile. Maybe you will come read my blog, and see my cup of coffee too.
I also hope you will visit my website and see my photos. I love my camera, as I can see you do too!

deb did it said...

these photos and your writing are so soothing, so comforting! Let it BE!