Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i believe in the sun

i believe in
even when
it does
not shine
i believe
even when i do
feel it
i believe
in God
even when
is silent.

each and every one of us puts on a face of happiness, confidence...even when we don't feel it.
to the rest of the world...we seem "normal"...but the truth is...we are hurting. just know, you are not alone. don't keep your hurt bottled up inside. find someone to talk to, someone who isn't going to "solve" your problems, someone who will not judge you...but one who will listen and will cry with you...where you can feel safe and you can start to heal.

my mom and i had the privilege of spending time with some incredible women this past fall...women we had never met. we all came together through a mutual friend. we shopped, and ate, and crafted and ate and laughed and ate... but we also did something else... we let our true faces come through during our time together. we shared a little bit of our hurts...our hearts...our "not so perfect" lives and we cried together. it was a feeling that i don't know if i could ever adequately is a connectedness that i feel with these wonderful kindred spirits today.

i am not perfect. and that's okay.
i am hurting. and that's okay.
i will begin to heal. i will BE

..the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. is my hand...

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joanne said...

this is beautifully a life brings with it hurt...imperfection... mistakes... and healing...

acceptance is key... we tend to intensify the hurts by judging ourselves as weak for having them... accept them all... welcome each and every emotion for what it can reveal ... make mistakes ... learn... move on

the sun will shine again :)