Monday, February 16, 2009

Just BE me...

the house situation is in limbo...
it may be quite some time before this whole mess is figured out!!!
i have to maintain some sort of "normal" in my i can be "normal" and not a mess for my family!!
so you know what i decided to blog today...
the did you know list: and here it goes...
*i designed rubber stamps for a gal in upton, MA
until she went out of business.
*i love to scrapbook.
*i love to be inspired.
*i want to inspire somebody.
*i like to draw (thus the stamping gig.)
*i cut my own hair.
*i've been in two major car crashes.
*i love to garden.
*i love flowers-especially cosmos.
*i don't like nasty I kill them with kindness.
*i am almost always smiling.
tho...*I don't hide my emotions well.
*i had an MRI to rule out a brain tumor or lesion leading to MS.
*I could sit and rock for hours.
*i color my gray hair(s).
*sage green is my favorite color.
*i love sterling silver jewelry.
*next to MI, i love Kentucky.
*i get bored with my handwriting...sometimes it slants other times
it's straight up and down.
*i am a low maintenance kind of gal.
*i love to mow the lawn.
*i had a happy childhood.
*i have only one blood-living grandparent.
*i collect mirrors...i have 42ish old peely paint mirrors.
*i love music...especially music that moves me.
*at 44 years young, i can still do the splits.
*i love beach sunsets.
*i love the smell of fresh cut grass.
*i love with my whole heart.
*i miss herman and inez very much.
*my dad named me.
*i am PROUD to be ron and pat's daughter.
*i use to feed the cows before i went to school.
*i don't like the feeling of being out of skiing.
*i do a website for my mom's antiques/folkart.
*i've never had a broken bone.
*i like to "tinker" and figure out how things work.
*i can change my own tires.
*i hate playing cards.
*i love to camp.
*i enjoy watching sports-football, golf, nascar!!
*i love shoes(when i'm in the real world.)
* i love to go barefoot.
*i love spring when the spring peepers first come out.
*i love the laughter of a child and the elderly.
*i love the smell of rain.
*i have a new found love for girl boxer briefs.
*i can snap my toes.
*cat vs. dog.
*i love traveling with my mom.
*i love old barns.
*i love the sound of running water.
*i love to sing even when people can hear me.
*i have many blessings.
thank you so much for taking the time,
the time to be
part of my attempt at normal.
just BE.


Patty Mooney said...

Good for you on being able to the splits! yowza!

joanne said...

what an awesome list...

i had many "wow" moments reading but a wow wow kind of moment about being able to still do the splits... time for me to get flexible enough again so i can put that on my list at some point in the future...i LOVE that...

Tilda said...

note from the mother of this daughter:
she is all of the things she listed and SO MUCH MORE! Just sitting quietly with her, not even talking, when we sit on the porch to watch the flowers grow, with steaming coffee with identical matched color of Coffeemate in the cup, is amazing.
We think the same except I am not a sports person. Some slip up in her DNA, I suspect. She is who she is. Absolutely beautiful in all aspects. She makes me a better person. Every woman should have such a child in their life. I am surely blessed.