Sunday, February 8, 2009

ode to jello

self-portriat with jell-o an Awe-Manac-A Daily Dose of Wonder inspiration.
below is a story about jell-o -bold words were given to use.
she was merely looking out the window when something extraordinary happened. sometimes jell-o makes her feel that way, like she has crawled out from underneath it's wiggly, jiggly weight. she is drawn to the clear, cool colors of Jell-o. it doesn't matter to her what other peoples opinions are when she runs her fingers through the jell-o - as she twirls in a circle. they wince and want to make her suffer for being completely happy with her jell-o. heckle as they will…it will just serve to brighten her day. her notorious mailman, dressed in a raspberry blue jell-o colored uniform, waves and gives her a wily smile. he further confirmed what she knew in her heart to be true. it is not happenstance that she loves jell-o, the way it feels in her belly.

she is woman-she is dangerous-hear her roar.

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