Thursday, February 12, 2009

days end...

this day is almost over...
thank you Papa for the lessons of today, as i blow out this candle tonight...on this day...I pray for strength to face tomorrow. keep us strong, keep us focused...goodness will prevail.
may we be blessed with the dawning of a new day
a new start
along this journey
that you have planned for us.
help me
to just


laurie said...

lovely pictures. Very relaxing after a horrible story. So sorry you had to endure that. The laws "protecting" renters scare me sometimes. There needs to be equal protections! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


Sweet Repose said...

Holy moly girl...I know where you're coming from. My pink chateau was once rented to a biker dude and his psycho girlfriend while I was in Florida. I stopped down one day unexpectedly to pick up the rent and there were 2 Harleys in my living room...needless to say, same scenario...the eviction started.

All valuable learning lessons, which is why my Father has never rented out two of the properties he just can't trust people anymore, so many ingrates!

Good luck, my thoughts are with you!


sarayutouched said...

The last thing we wanted to do was rent...and this is the reason why. No one is EVER going to care for a house like it was their own...even tho we "heard" that often from them. The outside is absolutely trashed with appliances, tires and mounds of dog crap from a 130 dog like you wouldn't not believe!!! I can just imagine what the inside looks like. The eviction process will go to the court on Monday is President's day. But one way or the other ...they are gone!!!! I'm over I mean business!!!!

Tilda said...

that's my girl.

deb did it said...

let go. BE.