Saturday, February 21, 2009


that girl over there...
can not hide the fact that she has had that body shaking, gasping for breath,
emotional release of tears that come from the very depth of her being...
the eyes do not lie...
puffy, swollen...sadness...

those eyes
need to find strength today
someone is depending on the fact
that these eyes will sparkle again
with excitement
with happiness
with love...
i need to sit in the stands
and watch my littlest guy
play his heart out in basketball
and he will be looking
for my eyes
to confirm what they are suppose to.
unconditional love
not pain.
time for the brush stroke of foundation
to work...
to restore these eyes
but it will be my son today
and my family and friends
who will make them sparkle again.
on that fact...i know i can depend!


joanne said...

such a beautiful, heartfelt post...and so reminds me of the transience of our emotions and thoughts...the flow into us and out of us...from the sadness to the joy...and back again...

and your post above about control is such an amazing followup to this one...

lovely, vulnerable, open...thank you for sharing

sarayutouched said...

joanne...thank you! some days the tears just flow and you really have no control over them...but you have to put yourself back together and go on and smile and laugh despite the fact that you are hurting inside. we women get that about each other...
that's why i love it here...