Monday, February 9, 2009


i read in the paper today about the death of a 16 year young boy on saturday
the son of someone i've worked with off and on throughout my OT years.
it is deeply upsetting to think about someone losing a child, harder still when it's someone you know. there is nothing that i could possibly say that would ease the pain that his parents are experiencing. we are not suppose to bury our children. what do you say. there are many cliches, but i won't go there. i am so sorry for your loss. we don't know why he was taken, it isn't ours to ask...we will know Papa's purpose one day. until then, cherish your memories...
and what we can do,
you an i,
... love our children, let them know that we love them!!
never take them for granted.
love unconditionally,
hurt for them,
care for them,
love them.
i said prayers with mattie.
i called kiel to tell him i love him and was thinking of him.
i listened about her day and i kissed my sweet sarah good night.
thank you Papa for one more day...for the privilege of being their mom.

sarah, matthew and kiel
i am here.
I am here.
i AM here.
i am HERE.
i love you.

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joanne said...

love one another...let one another know we do love one grateful for having now...mourn loss and stay open open open to love...

these are moments we stop...we hold our breath...we offer our condolences which seem so very inadequate...we feel how fragile and fleeting life is...we ache...and we share our sorrows...

thank you for sharing...