Wednesday, July 1, 2009

...july brings harmony...

sultry, steaming, sweltering, july.
slow down.
or stop.
it's time to shed ambition and expectation,
along with commutes, clothing, cellular phones, calendars.
now our wants seem to diminish.
is it because our needs are met?
a shady nook, a cold drink, a cool breeze--
whether indoors or out.
a respite from the rigors of the day.
time off for good behavior.
summer is not so much a season as a melody,
that tune of contentment we hum as the days begin to beautifully blur.
the pursuit of happiness becomes our personal priority this month,
as the sweet strains of the fourth simple abundance principle-
-start to be heard in our hearts.
~borrowed from
simple abundance:a daybook of comfort and joy.
third day of
rain and 56 degrees.
yesterday felt like october...
humming with gritted teeth does
not seem like contentment...
we are waiting on summer here.
i was wrapped up in a blanket last night
while watching tv.
i could not keep my eyes open.
it dawned on me as to why.
with it being cold and dreary out...
it is like the start of hibernation season around here.
if it were sunny and warm...
i would be outside enjoying
the sun's last ray
turned into twilight.
i am not fond of hibernation, no i am not.
just BE.


Chris said...

Now don't I feel silly....I thought July was National Hominy Month. I guess I misread, lol.

sarayutouched said... are always good for putting a smile on my face at the end of a long day!!