Sunday, July 5, 2009


brief sunshine.
today is not suppose
to give us much
way of
tilda and i
did, however, enjoy sun
while we had coffee
on the porch this morning.
blue and gandie enjoy
the freedom that summer
gives them.
the turkeys were looking for a morning meal.
mattie spent a brief cuddle session
with blue.
and the hummingbird was making frequent
trips to the feeder.
to me,
this would be all i need.
quiet, simple times on the porch.
this would bore most people,
those who always need to be doing something,
bigger, better, faster.
not me.
i have come to leaving books, that I've read,
around the house.
everyday as i walk into the kitchen i see
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.
it is an amazing book about
Randy who is dying from pancreatic cancer.
i strongly urge you to read it...
you can also see his last lecture here.
i want to share with you one of
the last things
he wrapped his lecture up with.
"it's not about how you achieve your dreams.
it's about how to lead your life.
if you lead your life the right way,
the karma will take care of itself.
the dreams will come to you."
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Sweet Repose said...

Please...I'll take this any day, you write a day in my life as well...Sunday morning sitting on the porch swing listening to a quail song in my prairie...I have no groomings today(Mon.)and am having a hard time walking away from the porch swing and the wren song...maybe just one more cup of coffee...

Doesn't get any better'n this right!!! But where are the people that need to be having coffee with you in the morning...I feel a blog coming on...ha!

Hey Tilda!!!

Tilda said...

testing. i just tried to leave a message on sweet respose and it continued to tell me my password was incorrect, when i retyped it 6 times and i KNOW i had the right password. Razzle frazzle computers!

joanne said...

oh my yes... the simplest of times are the best... i can find a universe of interest in the slowest and simplest of moments... a front porch and a wonderful something to sip on (pure bliss)... i would love to lounge around on yours giggling with you...

i am so loving the hummingbird photo... my visitors are scarce these days for some reason...