Wednesday, July 8, 2009


a photographer friend of my brother said.
don't take a picture unless you know it's going to turn out.
don't waste your time.
i'd be in trouble.
over the course of the weekend
and the last couple of days,
i've taken well over 200 photos.
some good, some not.
but the fact remains
it makes me
to look through
my viewfinder and snap away
to my hearts content.
find a cool angle,
catch a raindrop, a sundrop, a dewdrop...
it doesn't matter
it's all good.
just BE.


Lori R. said...

I'm with you on all that, thanks to digital and my 2G card in my camera. I might not be so carefree if I had to pay for the photos before being able to view, ya know, like in the good ol' days!

Sweet Repose said...

Same for me, I take hundreds of shots, I expect all of them to be well, we know how that goes...but then you get the really great surprises...however, I do get alotta shots of my legs...oops!

What did we ever do without digital...and all the pictures I could've had of my aging Grandmother...but I have my memories!

See ya fer coffee...


Shannon said...

REALLY? He said that! I hope he never looks at MY endless files of digital images... some perfectly lovely and others, not-so-much! I'm with you... taking pictures makes me smile! Whether or not they turn out doesn't even matter in that moment that I'm snapping away! I learn from those times as well! Beautiful flower shots! Great focus work in each and every one!