Saturday, July 25, 2009

...a clay vessel...

A lump of ordinary clay
is chosen
from the amorphous pile of the clay heaped on the floor.
The potter has an end product in mind,
a vessel that will be useful
to its final owner
and a credit to the potter's craftsmanship and experience.
The potter labors
over the clay forming and shaping and
forming it until the final product is realized.
The pot then can be fired and decorated - but
if it cracks or turns out misshapen,
it is no big deal to discard it altogether.
Can we imagine a mere clay pot complaining to the potter?
Does the pot have "rights" of it's own?
it exists,
and finds useful service
as an ordinary kitchen pot or a beautiful vase,
solely because the potter intended it for such an end.
~Lambert Dolphin
today is another beautiful SSS.
head over to HEY HARRIET
and enjoy this day to the fullest.
just BE.


Chris said...

I'm worried about you Robin. You seem obsessed with pot! (ha ha)

Seriously, great shadow shot!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We're suckers for terra cotta pots around here... actually they don't even have to be terra cotta, just a planter in general! Great SS and verse!
Karla & Karrie

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What shall I plant in
common clay pots to make them
uncommonly fair?

My Shadow Shots

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous shadow shot and words!!
Have a great weekend!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Your pots looks so neat. while am looking at mine, seems they're more used §:-))

Nice shot, though!

Happy SSS

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Beautiful post and beautiful photograph...Thank you for sharing!

Greyscale Territory said...

Lovely subtle shadows playing magically around a gathering of pots!

Jacqui said...

I inherited lots of terracotta pots in my greenhouse. I love and treasure them. Great blog.

Sweet Repose said...

Waste not want not...many a broken, misshaped pot languishes in my garden, I love when the mosses and the lichen cover and a small snail leaves a is useful is a path to somewhere...

Have a wonderful day sweet soul!


Hey Harriet said...

That comment from Chris made me giggle. Funny guy!

A lovely photo of the clay pots and an interesting read indeed. It's something I've never given much thought to before. And that's what I enjoy about my visits here!

Ali said...

lovely shadow shot - just waiting for some blooms!

Anonymous said...

Great Shadow Shot!! :) love the pots.

MeANderi said...

Don't know how I missed your SSS this week, but I did... Also wanted to tell you what an *inspiring* blogsite you have here! I love it!