Tuesday, July 14, 2009


how splendid a feeling it
is to
get on the computer
at the end of a long day of
moving your work office
to a new location...
to have a wonderful
friend sends you an award.

what a privilege to receive this
from my friend, sharon, from
sweet repose. i came across
Sharon a while ago when i put
her website on my mom's website.
i loved her outlook on life, and her taste
in music...because her tastes are so similar to mine.
i set out into
this venture of blog world because
i am crazy about taking pictures,
i am crazy about quotes and poems
and stuff that makes you think.
i am crazy about nature.
i am crazy about music.
i simply love life.
and i love life simple.
and i just wanted to share what i
see in an ordinary still frame.
if i could make one person smile, or spark a memory, or share a moment with someone..
that is what i was hoping for.
what i have gained from this
sisterhood is so much more than I could have
imagined. there are so many kindred spirits
out there.
...i could not tell if there were rules to this award...
but i would like to pass it on to joanne.
she is my california girl,
sharon and i would share coffee on the porch.
joanne and i would share tea.
(or red wine...and much laughter and probably tears...even tho we've never "met")
her talent is limitless.
her heart is genuine and true.
her words, like sharon's, touch your soul.
i am blessed to have these two ladies in my life...
(and all the wonderful people i have met)
so i raise my cup to my sistas, with thanks and gratitude for what you have brought to my life.
love and hugs.
just BE.


robin. said...

Chris~i don't mean to cut you out of the "sisterhood" you share the love of photograpy, your photos are great~!!! you can't help it if you are a male!! (wink-wink)

joanne said...


i am completely overwhelmed by your loving words (really... you've brought me to tears)... thank you dear dear friend...

your sharing heart, lovely images, words you write, and the ability to find just the perfect quotes inspires me to no end... honestly, you just have no idea...

i love seeing the world through your eyes... i love how it makes me feel ... i love that it makes me want to reach for so much more and dive even deeper into my own heart as i dive into yours...

tea... coffee... wine... you name it... i'm there... (and i'm thinking something wickedly scrumptious to eat too just because)...

love love love...


Gemma Wiseman said...


I passed this award on to Sharon and thought I would check out where she awarded it!

Love your comment here. It could so easily be mine!

Have a wonderful day!

Smiles and Light

Unknown said...

That's lovely! Congratulations, and let the good times roll!

A Wild Thing said...

A soul's journey is neither male nor female, so Chris too is a welcomed brethren of human spirit shared across the globe...this path is wide and what miracles will bloom along it's shoulder, we shall all witness.

Be well friend...see ya for coffee...sharon

robin. said...

sharon, of sweet repose...VERY true words spoken, gosh that's what i love about you. thank you again, so much, for the award, but most of all for your spirit which as reached out and touched mine. the miles between us are brought down by this screen and keyboard. my admiration and respect for grow everyday. again, i am blessed to have you in my life...and you better believe i will be there for coffee in the morning.

Lori R. said...

You and Sharon both, put my poetic ability to complete shame. It is a gift to put together words and have it touch another person's soul. I love reading both of your posts. Thanks so much for sharing and fulfilling a poet wanna-be's heart with words and pics.

deb did it said...

Cheers back at ya Robin. I feel the warmth of "sisterhood" everytime I stop by for a visit here on your beautiful heartfelt blog.