Monday, June 29, 2009

...going, going, gone...

a week.
more for the next
three days.
was it
who complained
it was too
just BE.


Martha Z said...

Your photos are lovely and cool. They refresh me in our 100+ weather.

Lori R. said...

Your pics are just breathtaking! Our last few days have been like heaven... no humidity and a cool breeze! Rainy days means I get to stay in and do craft stuff, so I never mind a rainy day!!!

Sweet Repose said...

I was so surprised when I awoke Sunday morning and it was in the 60' was heavenly, a perfect day today too and for the rest of the week I guess, hope so, though my tomatoes are longing for the heat of the night, though sittin' in the screened porch at night is sure a pleasure...I sure wish summer would come and stay for you guys, it's too short as it is.

When July starts rollin' around, I start feelin' melancholy, cause I know fall is close at hand. This has been a tough year. Though if I were financially stable, I would lock myself away all winter and never come out till it was spring...then I would ponder that book of poetry or maybe delve into my art again...but ship has not arrived...but I can dream can't I...

I'll pray for the sun in Michigan...s

smith kaich jones said...

Was it me? she asks timidly as she raises her hand. Giggles.

Surely summer will sneak back in. Won't it?

:) debi

joanne said...

those swings back and forth to the extremes are really tough, aren't they? ... when it's so hot, we wish for a little bit of the coolness back... when it's too cold we long for the warm sun again...

the grass is always greener somewhere in the imaginary world of "just right"...

your photos are (as always) stunningly gorgeous ...


sarayutouched said...

'tis true joanne...alas we are never happy. it is the effects of the long winter...and knowing that truely...after the 4th of july summer is down hill from there. we have yet to have consistant summer nights...i would love to bottle the sunshine and warm and carry it with me to the pending seasons. i try to be content, really i do...and be thankful for each day for the gift that it's just easier to be grateful when i'm not under a blanket having my glasses fog up as i take a breath...