Saturday, November 19, 2011 may be the real reason...

i thought,
i'll remove my head for a while
& it went fine except most people
 didn't know where to look when we were having a conversation.
there are things you do because they feel right
& they may make no sense
& they may make no money
& it may be the real reason we are here:
to love each other &
to eat each other's cooking
& say it was good.

are my kind of people.
love them.
not really sure of my mood today.
what i've added to my photo
is an eclectic mix.
of thoughts.
must be a random day.
the top of his head was open up to the sky
 & when he walked down the street
 he'd end up with strange things
 in there like the number of dogs in China,
or the time it takes to cook a pig.
 It's not really useful,
he said, but I'd miss this stuff if it ever closed up.

just BE.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The unlatched latch is an invitation to visit the story cupboard. I accept!


I have a little shadow that always follows me;
My shadow is my best friend, as anyone can see.

No matter where my feet go, my shadow’s always there—
Except, of course, at midnight with darkness everywhere!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Sunflower Shadows

Ms. Becky said...

I think Storypeople are insightful and fun, and what would we do without them? thanks for the smiles this morning Robin. lovely and gentle shadows, happy SSS to you.

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful shadow shot and I do love your quotes from Storypeople! Perfect! The mood doesn't matter. Enjoy, Robin!


Ralph said...

I like the door hook as it relates to this post. It is unlatched, so like our minds, thoughts are not locked in, but free to wander all about. We think freely and not constrained...

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such lovely gentle shadows! I have moments where my thoughts seem to fragment and just wander nowhere in particular! Those moments create odd moods - neither bubbly nor really sad...they just be!

LV said...

One thing far sure, you have a way with words.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love your shadow shot, and you have linked it beautifully with your words.

Ann said...

Your photo invites and excites me, yet, at the same time, comforts me. Your storypeople quotes are perfection.

Paula Scott said...

Argh! i was on the road when I posted this and did not realize that post intended was still in draft format!
Here's the REAL SSS post:

What a scrumptious image-particularly the first one! Makes me swoon!

Hey Harriet said...

Haha! I've enjoyed the randomness of this post! Lovely photo too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Robin :)

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Excellent, very dramatic touches with the storypeople quotes ---love the shadows!!

BLOGitse said...

StoryPeople. I didn't know so I googled. What cute and interesting stuff they have. Art.
Like your photo.
Have a good week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts and days are always interesting. There is always alot to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Pretty shot...and I love the random snippets :)