Friday, May 1, 2009

...raindrops to sundrops...

and it did...the sun did come out. if only briefly...just long enough for me to go outside and catch some sundrops.

i changed my
at work today
and i found this...
we girls look at a
and say to ourselves.
"there's a rainbow coming in just a little while."
then we kick
off our shoes
and dance in
the puddles
until the sun comes out again.
and then i realized that
i had turned one
to many months...
this was for june.
BUT i am sharing
it anyway...
my wish for you is to
kick off your shoes and dance in the puddles!!!
just BE.


Chris said...

When I danced in puddles barefoot, my mom used to scream at me that I was going to get ringworm :)

Raven said...

Lovely words and photos... Love the post below too.