Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am a patriot, long ago I came to be
When my country gave the call, I stood for liberty
Love of freedom made me more than just a man
I will always do my part, protect the master plan
So many times I had to die, answering the call
And each time I would fall, I came back again

Threatening our freedom,
the British came our way
Knowing I was called again, I had my part to play
On that dark and gloomy night, I rode to give my cry
Before this fight was over many patriots would die
To warn my fellow countrymen I could show no fear
My name was Paul Revere

I joined up with my brothers in the spring of seventy five
I knew that in this struggle I might not remain alive
The British caught and hung me, they could not let me live
Go ahead and take my life, I have but one to give
For the cause of liberty, I knew I must not fail
My name was Nathan Hale

I told them in Virginia that liberty must stand
The active and the brave must rise to save our land
I know not what course others take, I'll give my very breath
As for me my fellow man, it's Liberty or death
"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet,
That we will live in chains
"Patrick Henry was my name

In all the wars that came along,
I knew that I must fight
My name had become legion, standing for the right
Our fight was for our freedom, and many mothers cried
To keep Old Glory flying high, twas for this cause we died
My duty was clear, my Country called
I was a soldier

Our founders were much wiser than we can hope to be
With long and labored effort they gave us Liberty
Protect your constitution, no matter what the cost
By staying ever vigilant, your freedom won't be lost
"You have a republic, if you can keep it"
Benjamin Franklin

I wait here now, standing guard at the Tomb Of The Unknown
I marvel at this country and the way that it has grown
I'll give foreign and domestic enemies their grief
When the call goes out again I'll stand for my belief
The patriot spirit never dies
"I'll be back"

thank you...

just BE.


Tilda said...

..ABSOLUTELY amazing photograph of the flag! And the written words are profound and should be remembered, always. We tend to forget history and where are freedoms originated from.
in fond regard, Tilda

Sweet Repose said...

I agree with Mom, how quickly we forget...why can't we all just get along...

I love the saying below...all we have to do is listen to Nature, her songs are sweet and true!

Sorry I missed the coffee...I'll be back for sure...I got a second wind this evening and am gathering office supplies, soap bags, pens, paper, tags, calculator, know, all that store stuff. My truck is full of frames and pictures and dried flowers, Wed. another load of furniture goes bites being an hour away, but we hope that is where the biz will be...we defiantly have hope...and NO SENSE!!!

See ya for coffee...s

Chris said...

Love it.