Wednesday, May 27, 2009 not weary...

those who dwell
among the beauties
and mysteries
of the earth
weary of life.
~rachel carson
just BE.


Sweet Repose said...

This is my mantra...

Would you mind if I posted about you and your wonderful spirit have the sweetest soul and I want my friends to meet you...and next time you visit Tilda, take your camera and show us pictures of her wonderful homestead. You and your Mother have such similar loves, she is so lucky to have a daughter like you who shares the love of the land and family daughter is a city girl and never comes to sad, but it is what it is...

We finally have the shop ready...I am soooooo dead, you know how it is!

Have a wonderful day Robin!

Jan said...

Really lovely, Robin. Tis true, with nature as our companion, we never seem to weary. Though resting outdoors in nature is quite delicious. My favorite place is at the shore with the waves lapping and lulling me...

sarayutouched said...

Sharon~ the pics of the shop are great!! i just know that you guys have done the right thing...much success to you!!!

Jan...oh so many places make my heart soar...any water sound is music to my ears. a creek, lake michigan, a fountain. i could stand in a flower garden for way too much time than i care to admit...because i actually find myself just standing there, lost in the beauty of it all. on the porch during a thunderstorm...walking about the yard after a day of rain,when the sun comes out for a brief visit in the evening...watching for the sundrops that happen in the most delightful places...
take time for the simple pleasures.
be blessed.
just BE.

elk said...

what a stunning image robin~ elk