Sunday, May 10, 2009

...a definition of home...

i told my family not to get me
anything for mother's day...and i
awoke this morning to find this on my computer...
this is from my fifteen year young daughter...who has wisdom beyond her years...
she has incorporated all things that she knows are special to my very soul...
and my mom's soul as well...this is for you too tilda.
the definition of home
a cool summer morning
a coffee cup near
the birds belt their songs
the people stop and hear
under the shade of a long aged tree
favorite chairs of the ones who use to be
a pudding stone as a favorite rock
flowers that bloom at four o'clock
a big red barn with a climbing tree in front
a happy yellow dog always on the hunt
a dusty road that leads to home
a wind chime singing from the wind blown
a magical porch with magical ways
a chocolate cake made with mayonnaise
clothes on the line flow in the breeze
a comfy back yard that nobody sees.
a place called home to a country girl
who moved from the city, and now sees the world
a cozy little town with so much love
we're all so blessed with our gift from above.
~sarah christine 2009
the greatest gift given
is the day
you find out
that they were listening...
Happy Mother's Day
just BE.


Tilda said... absolutely perfectly in tune with her mother's tastes and passions. beautifully written Sarah. what a memorable gift to your mother. all of the descriptions have meaning to her, and to me. you are a perfect joy, dear granddaughter. Gram

bobbie said...

This is so very beautiful.

One of my all time favorite gifts was a poem from my youngest.

Anonymous said...

What a glorious tribute to a mother! How very proud you must all be of this exceptional member of the family. My goodness, wise thoughts, ideals and ways must certainly run in this special family. Thanks for sharing......sue black

sarayutouched said...

sue~i am so glad to see you here!!! thank you for the kind children are all a wonderful blessing...and have amazing ways of surprising you when you least expect it!!!

deb did it said...

I am all jello....Sarah has melted me and my heart. what a perfect gift, PRICELESS. I hope she will write more and forever!