Sunday, May 3, 2009


i am going to share today from The Awe-Manac: a daily dose of wonder by Jill Bandonsky

awaken in the right light at the right time
daily frequently! Become aware of the wonder of common
but extraordinary moments. Stop experiencing life in a
numb, half conscious state distracted by thoughts of your
retirement plan, what you said last fall to your relative, or
why you ate dessert when you told yourself you wouldn't.
Be present and win. Wake up!!!!
With a daily dose of those awareness-heightening ingredients
and small delight time-release radar-makers, not, only do you
fully awaken to moments of delight, but over time you also
feel more appreciative to them in a full body-mind-soul present
way versus a "Oh yea-that" kind of missing-the-point distracted
Awe-Wakened Moment wipes out the build-up of indifference that
leads to taking life's best moments for granted.

the porch is
cleaned of
winter's sleepiness.
this is where we
spend our Sunday mornings.
fellowship with family and nature.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Jan said...

How lovely that you spend Sunday morning on your porch. Generally, we do too! Overlooking the garden, listening to bird calls and watching their feverish activity as they build their nests. Sabbath, indeed.

And thank you for the great opening passage. I am not familiar with this author's work and will check it out. Awake is certainly good!

sarayutouched said...

Jan~thanks for your comments. i bought this book for the "creativty" it was going to inspire in me this far...i have not followed it daily. BUT that's okay. I am looking at it, i am drawing things from today's message. i am trying...but life has a way of getting in the way...


Chris said...

I feel like I should be sitting on my grandmother's porch on her farm in east North Carolina right now. I can hear the spring of the screen door squeak and smell the soil. Too bad that house was razed several years ago because your photos brought back memories!