Monday, January 5, 2009

Remember I introduced you to Blue... well this is our newest addition...she too is a stray...

(that's it...we are done taking in Strays!!! Don't even think about driving your animal past our house!!)

unlike Blue...

we knew right away she was female...
she would like to have relations with Blue...and if you've never been around a female cat who wants male's not a pretty sound!!! Rather annoying at best!!
She goes in to be rid of her female parts on Wednesday...none-to-soon!!
Poor Blue just looks at us as if to say, in his British voice...Another Cat? Really? And if so...why her?
I know that he will love her once she has calmed that nagging down!!
She is a very good cat. After obviously being in the great outdoors for a while...she is loving being inside. She slepts in the oddest places...and sometimes...just in the middle of the floor.
I'm sorry, I failed to mention her name...
It's Gandolf.
Before the kids and hubby knew her sex...they
decided because of the gray and white...
she was like Gandolf from the Lord of the Rings.
She now goes by Gandie.
GANDOLF when I can't stand her whining anymore.
I will let you know how it goes after Wednesday.

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