Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cat appreciation Day

Today named... Void of color.
As indicated in my picture below.

Write a list of questions a cat might have. Awe-Manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder
*I can see that you are looking at me...but why?
*I asked for the expensive brand of kitty food...what's this?
*Do you mind if I cough up a hairball?
*Does this kitty litter smell to you?
*How many times do I have to chase that stupid toy mouse?
*Can you make your eyes BIG like this?
*I can see the come I can't get to it?
*Is there something wrong with sleeping 23 0f 24 hours a day?
*Remember that time when Sylvester was freaked out by the giant kangaroo mouse?

Today was also
Celebration of Life Day.
Life is a celebration of yourself and others...until further notice...celebrate EVERYTHING!!

just BE.

1 comment:

Sweet Repose said...

I sooooo miss having a cat...but Scratchy the cat-eater will have nothing of it...unless it's served with fries...ha!

What a cool birdhouse shot.

I sure hope I can get the shed built this summer. I think we may do a 24x26 pole building and use my vintage doors and windows in stead of the other cheesy ones. I think I can make it look old and trashy without a know what I'm talkin' about! But it won't have power in it and the city won't know what I'm's just a storage shed as far as they're concerned, you know how they can be...too much testosterone in those offices.

Good to hear from ya...s