Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today is named Energy
Today I get to go to work and make a difference in people's lives.

Today is also National Granola Day!! Yeah!! I eat them everyday with yogart!!

"From a character of a frugal artist write in detail about one of these topics: your garden, your next art project, the sky, area rugs." -Awe-Manac: Daily Dose of Wonder
I want to write about my garden. I use to have MANY photos of my garden in Reed City and my garden here...however...hubby, after checking twice, that he saved my photos before he "waxed" the computer out, lost them!!! My wonderful pictures were not saved!!! Always, always, always do a back up. The pictures you see are from my scrapbooks...and they don't do my gardens justice. But...that's all water under the bridge...
poppies, four o'clocks, cosmos, black-eyed susans

my garden
therapeutic: working the soil with my bare hands melts my worries and anxieties away.
mesmorizing: I can just sit for extended periods of time by my garden and be completely still and content.
home to butterflies: little winged creatures of sunshine.
made up of bulbs from my great-gramma Compton and my beloved gramma Byers: they live on.
keeper of my secrets: my happiness and my sorrow.
unorganized-wild chaos-not perfect-no set patterns-no rules: my heaven on earth.
Here's to the moments when you realize the simple things are wonderful
and enough.

what would you write about today?
just BE.

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