Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Morning Glory

just as the
of her life
into day,
the young and lovely
passed from
earth and
grief away.
february 11, 1889
aged 11 years, 8 months 28 days.
the inscription above was on the gravestone of a young girl who died over a century ago. the grave is in a country cemetery in osceola county. my mom does this sampler on old antique quilt in her memory. nellie johnson, with no family to tend her grave - she has wild flowers growing around her to remember her.
if you whisper their name...they will not be forgotten.
just as the morning...
say their name.
they will
be remembered
Hattie, Arden, Agnes, Carl, Shirley, Herman, Inez, Cliff, Cora, Merle, Derek, Josh, Ronnie,Kay, Hubble...
say their names now.
they deserve to be remembered.


Tilda said...

They smile on you, for whispering their names to be remembered. No man has truly died unless he has been forgotten. I would also add my beloved Mrs Seeley and Esther Gaffney. And as I look into their images each day on my wall, looking back at me in their black and white picture of life... your great, great grandparents, Johann Baptist and Walburga.... they are who you came from, 100 years + ago, many generations ago and just down this country road a piece.

Jan said...

Lovely, post. I thank you for the reminder to say the names... A beautiful ritual of honoring.
Blessings to you!

Sweet Repose said...

I love walking through old cemeteries, the stones hold such sad memories. I love your Mother's samplers, I would love to meet you guys some day...she has a gift as do you daughter.

Cute boys Mom!