Wednesday, December 9, 2009

...kay louise compton engler blanchard...

one of the women of whom i spoke
of shaping my life...
finished her earthly journey
with my mom by her side...
in the early morning hours today.
kay louise compton engler blanchard
born june 10th, 1926
died december 9, 2009
memories: many memories
stringing buttons to make necklaces
cutting up wall paper sample books for projects
walking down skunky-hollow
the house on hewitt lake road
...Christmas's there
and summers.
the compton house in tustin
...sleep overs.
sitting out on the porch under a blanket listening to it rain
pineapple cookies
her love of reading books
doing crossword puzzles with a pen
her hair styled just so...
and one of the very, very few people...
who call me robie.
i was able to say good-bye
to her on monday.
she was still able to know us.
i kissed her head.
i held her hand.
i said good-bye.
we will see you soon.
just BE.


Martha Z said...

Your post brings bitter sweet memories of holding my mother's hand and singing her off on her final journey.
Peace and blessings to you, your mother and all who loved your grandmother.

Laura Hegfield said...

Robin what a perfect tribute for your grandmother...weaving yourself into the poem...for you will always be part of one family you can snuggle into whenever you are missing her and needing her company.

sending you a warm hug on a cold day,

madrekarin said...

Robin, I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. You were greatly blessed to have her close enough to say goodbye. She will never be far away from you.
Hugs to you and Tilda.


Sharmila said...

Robin, this is beautiful,.. thank you for sharing so simply and yet so deeply.. I am touched! It reminds me of my grandma also who passed on 3 yrs ago and I do miss her. I do feel her with me more richly since then and have been so blessed to learn knitting recently which is something she was a queen of, so it is another gift. May you know such comforts also in unique heartfelt ways! Many blessings, Jen

deb did it said...

hugs to you Robin......sweet precious memories you have to hold near and dear...and what a precious photo!