Sunday, December 20, 2009


find a place to relax.
arrive fully in the room,
in the chair or on the floor, and in your body.
relax your face, soften your jaw.
let the shoulders drop and feel relaxation move down the arms like honey,
warming the hands, relaxing the fingers.
relax the belly, legs and the feet.
feel the breath washing tension away.
let the mind and your breathing become one.
melt like a sugar cube in a warm cup of tea.
feel a warmth of benevolence wash through you.
feel your breath slowing and flowing
effortlessly like a river of peace through your body,
through your extremities,
through your spirit.
feel spaciousness replace tightness
and feel the limitations of your body merge
into the tranquility of space around you,
quiet and slow down your thinking,
let your thoughts float quietly above you.
don't struggle to turn off your mind,
just let the thoughts be transparent.
open you heart compassionately to your emotions,
accepting them and soothing them.
feel the well being of the body,
let it expand to all areas.
let the benevolent breeze transport your imagination to a floating reverie.
feel the body traveling high above the noise and tension.
see the world as small and the notion of calm
grow greater and greater, stronger and stronger
with each breath in.
with each breath out,
release struggle and see it fly away
like the release of doves.
feel the walls of your existence unfold into
the brilliance of a beautiful cosmos where entities are in existence solely
to sooth your tensions and nurture you with strokes of calming ointments.
get quiet,
still and eagerly anticipate that something
good is about to happen.
bring a favorite feeling to mind,
then to our body and spirit.
listen and watch for a symbol,
a word,
an essence,
a sentence,
or a vision
in this moment or in the near future.
one that brings you strength
and confidence balanced
with peace and surrender,
acceptance and compassion.
when one comes to you,
write it down.
post it or find an image of it to keep around.
or begin writing with this sentence:
"when i am calm i am gifted with..."
~the awe-manac: a daily dose of wonder
~jill badonsky
breathe in...
there are snowflakes
softly falling
through a slightly
sunlit sky today.
breathe out...
all is calm.
all is bright.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Joops said...

Very nice!

My SSS can be found here. Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Beautiful images and lovely advice in your words! Sunday morning perfection!

Sweet Repose said...

I have a tape somewhere around the chateau that speaks of the same comforts...I think I'll go looking for it, what a wonderful mantra of remembrance...

Ice on the windshield, as I drove home today from the asylum, but we only got 2 inches of snow...a mere pittance!!! I scoff!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday with family my we all look up to the light and the majesty of the awe!