Tuesday, December 22, 2009

...fun in the sun...

i am off this week...
so it was adventure day
with snow, sun and camera.
what better way to
and then i
came in
warmed by
Christmas card
my california angel
thank you.
what a yummy day.
just BE.


joanne said...

i came to my computer tonight to look for some Christmas snow... *sigh*... it is all so incredibly pretty and inspiring and i so wish i was there with you taking pictures and drinking something hot and talking and taking more pictures...

and i'm so glad your card arrived before Christmas... a bit of a miracle that i got to the post office when i did...

sending you love and hugs and my deep gratitude that you continue to inspire with all of your incredible photography (every time i click through my mouth hangs open in awe and joy)... and the specially chosen words to wrap it up and make it into the daily gift of your heart...

thank you for your friendship, for your creative spirit and for sharing with such an open heart... :)


madrekarin said...

I wish you a joyful Christmas, Robin. Your snow pictures make me a bit homesick. But then I remember all the yucky bits that come along with it and I will be content to view your lovely photographs. :)

Laura Hegfield said...

Those clothes pins really get me Robin...I think it's their ordinariness elevated to awesome beauty because you took the time to really look at them!

bright blessings,