Thursday, December 31, 2009

...another auld lang syne...

the world is round
and the place
which may seem like the end
may also be the beginning.
~ivy baker priest
life as a journey.
life as safari.
life as a pilgrimage.
life as a garden.
life as the highest art.
path finders. prospectors. pioneers. detectives. explorers. archaeologists.
pilgrims. poets. sojourners. gardeners. artist of the everyday.
women of Spirit.
women of substance. women with style.
women who have lived the questions.
women ready to embrace the answers.
women who look great in hats.
that's why we wear so many different ones.
seekers of the sacred in the ordinary.
real life.
the mystical in the madness.
the holy mysteries of the mundane.
seekers of love. passion. wholeness.
where are we headed?
we're headed home.
but before we arrive, there are vast worlds awaiting exploration.
worlds within. worlds without. earth. Heaven.
Heaven on earth.
sometimes the terrain is rocky and the slopes steep.
sometimes the jungle is thick and its interior very dark.
sometimes the water is deep and the waves extremely rough.
do you see now why we need some variety in our approaches?
how will we know when we get there?
you'll know.
it's that simple. real things are.
are we there yet?
not quite.
but it's taking too long.
often it seems that way.
chronologically we're at the end of the year but the beginning of the journey.
not to worry.
we'll have all the time we need in kairos to find ourselves.
~simple abundance: a daybook of comfort and joy.
~sarah ban breathnach
this is the song that i am feeling right at this moment.
good-bye 2009
welcome 2010.
just BE.


joanne said...

happy new year, sweet, sweet heart... your words, images, and friendship made 2009 an especially memorable year of inspiration, shared understanding, and most of all... love


Sweet Repose said...

AMEN lil' me they are all tests of my tenacity as a woman...I look at each and every day with a smile, mostly cause the first thing I see every morning is Scratchy...and she truly sets the mood!

I'm so thankful I have something so mundane in my life, that it makes me rich beyond all...every day an adventure and an obstacle to conquer...nobody said it would be easy!!!

Have a wonderful NEW YEAR...yeah Tilda, we're tackin' on another year...ouch...have a chilly(freezing)one this mornin'(5 degrees)...