Monday, June 8, 2009

...saturday revisited...

today is a gray, cold day...
i want to go back and revisit my post from saturday.
by a show of hands...
how many people missed the white spider atop the tulip???
and that my "shadow shot" was of the spider's leg????
it's can tell me that you missed that!!!
happy monday!!
hoping that summer finds it way here soon!!!
just BE.


Tilda said...

...saw the spider naturally, but missed the shadow. duh? how observant is that? AND you did not tell us in the original post about the legs shadow... besides I didn't have my glasses on...
and you know I am blind now after searching so intently for those drated tent worms!
in fondest.. Tilda
doesn't always see the forest for the trees
weary of rain
weary of tent worms
weary of cold weather

sarayutouched said...

it's okay tilda...i added the part about the spider saturday afternoon as i felt perhaps it was being missed!!!

the trees had only about 30 worms on them tonite...yeah...progress.

Sweet Repose said... can't fool me, I saw it too and thought...leave it to Robin to find such elegant grace in a tiny white spidey...however cute and delicate, I still hate spideys, I don't even like spidey webs.

I had so many garden spiders last summer, they actually kept me out of my garden...not this year...IT'S WAR!!! I now have a flyswatter hanging on a post, no more mister nice guy!!!

I'm with Tilda on the worms, my purple coneflowers got infested last year, as did my redbud tree...bag n burn. I'm even noticing bagworms all over the place, where we used to just see them on the evergreens. Kinda scares me too...what is this all about...

I would love to have a cup of coffee right now, but the storms kept me awake all night last night and so will the coffee if I have it(Scratchy barks at thunder)hope you fared well with the weather.

Later friend, coffee in the mornin'...


Chris said...

I must be blind....I've looked three times and still don't see the spider?

Tilda said...

To Sweet Repose. ( do you know how much trouble I have trying to remember HOW to spell repose ?!!!) Me thinks your fear of spiders is close to my anxiety about Fritz the Acaconda, resident barn yard snake ! I haven't seen him yet this spring. I can only hope he may have froze to death in the LONG COLD SNOWY winter we had. But I suppose that might be too much to expect... Then again finding his frozen, thawed, dead remains would be enough to put my into cardiac arrest.
Yup, we got the storms!
in fond regard, Tilda
spiders v.s. Fritz ?
to garden or not to garden?