Saturday, April 11, 2009

...Easter Sunday...4.12.09

perhaps it's because April is so full of dazzling sunlight. perhaps it's because the earth seems greener. perhaps it's because Resurrection is this month's signature. is this why our spirits start to soar? now the season of darkness diminishes as the season of Light increases in strength. in the garden, primroses, pansies, violets, tulips, and lilacs burst with color. each flower, plant and bough bears profound witness to the power of authenticity...we continue to grow gracefully, creatively and joyously into our authentic selves, awakening to our own beauty.
~simple abundance
a daybook of comfort and joy
~sarah ban breathnach

have a blessed Easter Sunday
and please remember
that Papa God is especially fond of you...
just BE.


Anonymous said...

This. Is. Beautiful!

Happy Easter,

Dianne said...

the light thru the flowers is inspiring
Happy Easter

deb did it said...

the sun peeking thru those blooms,,,so beautifulprogcfa