Tuesday, April 28, 2009


is a wonderful
for all kinds of walks,
whether in warm springs showers
or balmy sunshine.
the scent of the earth
and the sight of
mother nature's
brilliant display of color
will rouse and remind you
how wonderful
~simple abundance~sarah ban breathnach
on this day
as with tomorrow's tomorrows...
just BE.


Chris said...

Is that an eagle or a hawk? I've got a mating pair of red tailed hawks living in the trees near our house and I've been waiting to get a great shot of them. Nice shots!

sarayutouched said...

Hey Chris~thanks. he is just a garden variety bird (buzzard) soaring as majestically as an eagle...He was soaring way above my head...i was glad to capture him...would love to catch an eagle...we have a few around here too!!

Sweet Repose said...

I'm patiently waiting for the sun so I can get a shot of the little patches of white wood violets that have sprouted in my back yard...just can't do it without the sun...maybe it'll be here Saturday or Sunday...I hope so. A friend just brought me hostas and daffodils, ferns and rhubarb plants to transplant, I love it when her gardens overflow. The cool thing is the rhubarb plants were originally planted by her ancestors from hardy heirloom stock back at the turn of the century and are still going strong.

It was a lucky day for me!

Have a good one friend!


Jan said...

Hi Robin,
Yes, indeed, this a lovely post on color. I have been craving color since my return from Florida where everything is so vivid. I've been savoring the color of pansies as things in my neck of the woods are still a bit drab. Forsythia too! These two beautiful gifts of nature feel so happy. Makes me happy too!

My guest blogger is up today on COLOR. I hope you stop by!