Sunday, April 19, 2009


let your mind be quiet,
realizing the beauty of the world,
and the immense,
and boundless treasures
that it holds in store.
all that you have within you,
all that your heart desires,
all that your nature so specially fits you for-
that or the counterpart of it waits
embedded in the great Whole, for you.
it will surely come to you.
yet equally surely not one moment
before its appointed time
will it come.
all your crying and fever
and reaching out of hands
will make no difference.
therefore do not begin that game at all.
~edward carpenter

the crocus were not going to come.
the sunshine bringing warmth to the earth
was not going to come.
the spring peepers were not going to come.
the warm rain that brings forth the splendid
smell of earth is not going to come.
until it is time.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to Sunday morning.
just BE.

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M.Kate said...

Nice, love the colour.