Sunday, April 5, 2009

...4.5.09...Sunday morning...

just for today...
oh, God, give me grace for this day.
not for a lifetime, nor for next week, nor
for tomorrow, just for this day.
direct my thoughts and bless them,
direct my work and bless it.
direct the things i say and give them blessing, too.
direct and bless everything that i think and speak
and do. so that for this one day, just this one
day, i have the gift of grace that comes from
your presence... ~ a portion of marjorie holmes's prayer
grace is available
for each of us everyday
-our spiritual daily bread-
but we've got to remember
to ask for it
with a grateful heart
and try not to worry
about whether there will
be enough
for tomorrow.
there will be.
borrowed from the book
~simple abundance
a daybook of comfort and joy~
~sarah ban breathnach
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to Sunday morning.
just BE.


The Mess said...

Small pieces that all tells a history.

Sweet Repose said...

Girl, you just make me smile...wish you were closer...s

deb did it said...

oh these door knobs and rusty handles give me warm fuzzies!