Tuesday, August 6, 2013

...week sixteen of 52 photos project...

texture "dreams"
by kim klassen

I was never good at hide 
& seek because I'd always make enough noise
 so my friends would be sure to find me. 
I don't have anyone to play those games with any more,
 but now & then I make enough noise 
just in case someone is still looking & hasn't found me yet.

week sixteen.
{childhood games}
so many wonderful childhood games.
yes, there were box games.
but the fun ones were.
ghost in the graveyard.
rolling the round metal wheel with a stick.
stepping on cans to make noisy shoes.
playing house in the corn crib with real dishes.
playing marbles.
stringing buttons.
the list goes on and on for this country girl.
ah, childhood memories.
great prompt this week.
just BE.


Mascha said...

Thanks for the nice photo and good thoughtful words, of you and of Story People.
(I have found this now. I was just to buy previously on the site, but I saw things and went away again ...)
It is for me a good start of the day to visit your blog :-)
Have a nice day

Bing said...

so lovely...

though some of the activities mentioned i did not experience, just the thought of being more free those days without the aid of tech gadgets makes me smile. it was fun, fun, fun those days.

you weave pretty words.

Urska Furlan said...

Beautiful photo!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Love this Robin. Smile-inducing. Brought back many happy memories for me :)

Kristen Radden said...

I just LOVE the textures in this photo.

Susan said...

Great photograph. I remember many of those games, sorry those times are gone.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

I love what you've done with this!

MyMaracas said...

Beautiful post. Your photo is dreamlike and memories so dear. Do kids ever play like that anymore?

Gotham Girl said...

KK's texture worked great! Nice!

Katrin said...

So beautiful!