Friday, August 23, 2013

...this is a world filled with love...

this is a world filled with love & other things that have the sense not to waste time talking about everything under the sun & see how it glows with no help from us whatsoever

one of those moments.
when you are up early.
driving your son to school.
to catch the 7:15 bus to a morning scrimmage.
one of those moments.
when you are in your pj's.
under your fleece and sweats.
and wearing your slippers.
one of those moments.
when you've seen beauty out of the corner of your eye.
when you stop.
on your country road.
and back up but the seat belt is holding you tightly.
and you can't move.
one of those moments.
when you wish you had your faithful camera.
one of those moments.
when you are out scaling the dewy grass.
in your slippers.
to catch that shot.
with your camera phone.
one of those moments.
that takes your breath away.
the sun.
shining through this tree.
in the morning fog.
nothing can happen today.
that will take that moment away.
enjoy the moments.
just BE.


deb did it said...

Oh to sit and just BE with you someday. I long for that moment!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh how I love these moments my friend...those beautifuk moments in a morning's golden silence.

Sylvia K said...

Yes, I too, love these moments, Robin. Thank you!

Dan Kent said...

Ah, Robin, I remember you.. To view your photos is like inhaling, such a sense of peace in all of them - so very beautiful. Thank you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl ... I have been lucky enough to feel those moments too and there is nothing like them is there ?
You caught an amazing shot girl ..simply stunning and expressed totally in sync with that little miracle indeed !
Joy : )