Monday, January 2, 2012


seeing things in the ordinary.
getting down to its level.
studying it.
pulling the camera to my eye.
looking through the lens.
taking a leap of faith.
and shooting.
it is that simple to me.
i am that simple.
i don't need big and flashy.
that has never been me.
i am a warm soft breeze that carries the dandelion wisp.
i am the robin that comes in december and sings it's song as beautifully
as it does in the spring.
i am a stream that gently flows over the rocks making its 
rough edges smooth.
i am the butterfly floating to the vibrant flower petal.
i am the note that lingers in the air after a powerful song.
i am.
i will always...
just BE.


Really Rainey said...

Great set of chilly photos...
Rainey @ The Project Table

BLOGitse said...

Your ordinary is very special - beautiful! Love these!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love this series of photos, they are certainly not ordinary when captured through your lens.

Paula Scott said...

Glad I caught the gem! You inspire me...and I agree. It is that simple.