Monday, January 23, 2012

...i am, i said...

i am, i said. and smiled

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today our wonderful, soul expander,
'beyond layers' ecourse

shared with us the 
six-word memoirs at  
smith magazine.
originally, she was taking us 
in a different direction.
but she saw something,
that caught her eye...
on the O magazine.
kim believes...
"things don't just happen by accident". 
(oh how i love this girl.)
i love this.
i just wanted to share.
check out the website.
share a story with us-just takes you to the smith magazine site.
what is your six-word memoirs?
leave it in a comment here if you'd like.
but, just write it down.
what do you have to lose?
here is another one from me.
may the music inside never stop.
just BE.


Pat Mark said...

The words are lovely. I am finding this class exciting so far and knowing Kim it will get only better. I love that she can spontaneously change the course of the lesson by seeing something on the cover of a magazine but that is totally Kim.

Linda Kittmer said...

Love the simplicity of the words.

amy of four corners design said...

here from the beyond layers group...your post is lovely and thoughtful...
I've known about Smith mag and the six words to describe your life for some word for the year is BEGIN -
Begin now - before procrastination sets in!

modifica said...

Love your memoir and your blog so calming

Yaya, Cindy and Tara said...

Thanks for the link and for sharing your experience in your class with Kim. My six word memoirs today is,"stay awake, pay attention,enjoy it."

Love your blog.

Kathy said...

Honestly...sheer perfection :)


Lisa said...

There is no way I can comment on every blog/post from Beyond Layers. So this week, for no particular reason, I chose to go down the 5th column and comment on all of those blogs...

I am so glad, by pure randomness and chance, your blog was among the 5th column. I am so diggin' your font, LO and style! --adding my name to your followers :)

Anonymous said...

I love your six words, and the photo too.