Thursday, January 26, 2012

beyond layers-week two

texture by kim: just stitched

this week's challenge.
week two.
think of a single word .
or thought.
and then seek out to create a photo around your theme.
those of you.
who have sat with me here.
that my word is.
i am a broken record.
but i will BE.
despite how hard the world tries to knock that out of me.
i wear this necklace every day.
at times.
it requires.
taking this necklace.
into my grasp.
 i close my eyes.
 i take that next breath in.
i find that space.
where i am true to myself.
and then.
the next breath.
leads to.
breathing in the clean air of possibilities.
just BE.


Kate said...

Great reminder, Robin! I love your blog posts!

Dan Kent said...

Love it all - the photo, the quote, your thoughts. I hadn't quite thought of it that way, but this is how I feel too.

Yaya said...

I can't wait to click the button on my favorite blog sites to find your inspiration for the day. It makes me happy to view your photos and read your simple truth. Thanks!

forgetmenot said...

I admire your tenacity in striving to "be" yourself. It takes courage to stand up to the world and keep your individuality. Have a lovely weekend. Mickie ;)

cathy @ma vie trouvee said...

Beautiful photos and quote - I love it. I also like the way you ran your text down the left hand side - I may have to try this : ) Thanks for the inspiration!