Monday, July 5, 2010

...and the struggle lessens...

i believe...
that a lot of the time...
i feel like i am
caught in this web.
caught up in the responsibilities of life.
that leaves me feeling like
i am caught in this web
no way out.
a constant struggle.
a constant mind-racing struggle.
to get out of this web.
but then i get to experience this sky.
and i stop for a moment.
to catch my breath.
and the struggle lessens.
and in that breath i am free.
open again.
open again to all things that are possible
if i just stop struggling.
and let myself experience
this state...
i find this.
here's to the letting go.
here's to being open to the possibilities.
here's to finding my way out of that web.
just BE.


bfarr said...

You have just expresssed in thought/words and photos what so many of us experience.

Thanks for sharing.

Martha Z said...

Beautiful! What a beautiful expression of what many feel and a reminder that if we quit struggling then we are free.

joanne said...

isn't it the most beautiful discovery when we are gifted with those moments when we are spontaneously released from all we struggle against, when the web is loosened, through a moment of grace... a moment of stillness... in a sunset, in a flower, in the eyes of someone we love...

letting go
letting be...

sending you a big hug