Sunday, July 11, 2010


"your wings already exist.
all you have to do is fly"
early morning.
dew filled grass.
wet footprints
across the wooden planks.
the creak of the rungs.
the fluttering wings
and sporadic flight of a butterfly.
the sweet utterance of the robin.
both near and off in the distance.
the creak of the rungs.
the familiar.
the wind chime
playing it's song...gently.
the water flowing
from the clay vessel,
cascading to the waiting pool below.
the sun casting
it's early morning shadows.
the steam
from the coffee cup.
twisting in the gentle breeze.
the creak of the rungs.
this is my sanctuary.
and here is my steeple.
and i said...
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Manang Kim said...

Oh wow these are great shots! Thanks for sharing!

Shadow shot Sunday

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the first photo ... do you paint? because that would make a fabulous painting too, don't you think?
thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog too.

Cassie said...

Very pretty. I always thought I had wings when I was a child...turns out I do!! Happy SSS to you.

Paula Scott said...


Thank you for a beautiful Sunday morning.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...