Saturday, July 3, 2010

...morning splendor...

life is a pure flame,
and we live by an invisible sun within us.
-- Thomas Browne
colored scents
that fill the air
as drowsy insects hum
around in the meadow
is the place of secret magic
where nature alone renews itself.
-- Kate Bergquist
the coffee is brewing.
i step out on
the back deck
to wait for it.
this is my lovely shadow
presentation for the morning.
breath in.
breath out.
splendid start
to this weekend.
light + objects= shadows
has more.
what kind of morning were you greeted with?
just BE.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, how beautiful, Robin! I love your shadow shot, the chairs and plants! What a lovely, peaceful place to relax. Wonderful words to ponder! Happy 4th and hope you have a great weekend!


Arija said...

Crisp, clear shadows on your deck. Hope you had your coffee out there and enjoyed the verdant summer morning.

Ralph said...

You show us the beautiful day to be as the early morning sun and shadow beckon. A day like this is to savor what good and beautiful ahead, the style and grace of the early AM beauty as the coffee brews. So nice!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Absolutely, right.

I love the friendly sun but unlike her in the Philippines? Ahh... am drying soon §;-)

Happy SSS & 4th of July in advance.

Anonymous said...

Please can I come and sit with you - this looks so peaceful!

Khim said...

lovely ...

EG Wow said...

I'd say you day started perfectly!

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely place to sit and watch the morning unfold! Great shadows for the day!

Sweet Repose said...

Girl, wasn't it the most glorious morning this AM, I had another shot all planned for SSS, but the sunrise on the Susans' had other plans for me.

Your deck is as quiet and comforting as mine in the wee hours, it just beckons a traveler to's the simple things, right...thanks for the Java!

Hey Tilda...don't ya just love the feel of the cool morning bluegrass under foot, there's just sumthin' screamin' summer about it, don't seem natural to wear shoes this time o year!

Happy 4th girls!

Photos By Cai said...

Great shadow photo, check out my Pop-Art style photo HERE :)

Also, tomorrow is monday and that means a new week of photo challenges at, as usuall the themes are:

Monday - Creative Colors (next challenge is WHITE)
Tuesday - Macro (open theme)
Wednesday - 2 of a kind (next challenge is ANALOG - DIGITAL)
Thursday - Urban (next challenge is LIGH POST)
Friday - Sunset (open theme)

Check it out and hopefully ill see you on Weekday Photos, have a great sunday!

Cai -

Hey Harriet said...

That is a perfect start to the weekend. Your back deck looks like the kind of spot I could spend a lot of time on! A pot of freshly brewed coffee and a fave book & I'd not likely move from there for hours. What bliss! Enjoy the rest of your splendid weekend Robin :)

Greyscale Territory said...

Such a lovely space in your world! Enchantingly decorated and touched with sunlight and shadow! Beautiful photo!

Sarah said...

It sounds like the perfect combination of lovely things!