Wednesday, July 14, 2010

...i am at peace...

dreams are which the mind conceives,
the heart desires,
and the soul believes.
photo revisited from last summer
use affirmation
to assert your ideals.
speak as if
you've already attained
the state of mind to which you aspire-
for example,
"i am at peace"
"i am an endless fountain of loving energy."
affirmations like this dissolve time,
the future tense of intention,
which can be a barrier
to new states
~1,001 ways to live in the moment
just BE.


Joanna said...

This is such a beautiful photo. I do water colour paintings, usually from my own photos but this one really speaks to me. Would you allow me to use it as a start for a painting?

sarayutouched said...

joanna~thank you...yes-please do use this as a start to a painting. i love the colors behind the gueen ann lace. i would love to see your finished product!!!

Joanna said...

Yes I'll send you a photo. Thanks for your permission.

Sweet Repose said...

"i am an endless fountain of loving energy."...I love this, I feel a sampler coming on...

I'm using affirmations in my samplers for the new shop. At this time in my life, that's what it's all about, slowing down and smelling the roses...or is it the burnt hair in the sander...what a hoot...and my darling daughter will never let me live this one down...ha!

Actually it wasn't as bad as it sounds...well, yes it was cause it was hopeless to do anything by a half hour of waiting for her to get ready, she just got out of the don't realize how much you use both arms till you don't have one...but what is life without a little humor...and I'll still be throwing caution to the wind, as I wait for my locks to dry...heehee!

All is well 'cept for the bump on my brow...whew!!!