Monday, June 21, 2010

...sarah smiles...

when sarah was born...
the doctor walked into the room at 6:00
and at 6:17 she was born.
took a bit longer...
here is her room before...
they left at 7:00pm friday night
for their gus macker weekend.
at 10:30pm i was done cleaning her room out.
at 2:00am i was done with the first coat of kilz.
the floor is use to have red carpet squares
this used to be a bedroom when i lived here,
but after we kids were gone, my dad
used it for his workshop.
when we moved in dad had taken the squares
out and we just had two area rugs down for her.
very tacky.
the after...
finished up sunday evening at 6:00.
she was totally surprised
and i believe in shock.
she loved it.
she so deserved a girl room.
and i am happy i could do it for her.
after my "pumped" to get the room
done state.
every muscle in my body aches. is worth every ache
to see that gorgeous sarah smile.
just BE.


Martha Z said...

Great Job! What a wonderful surprise and I know she appreciates it. How do I know? I did a similar thing for my son and he was still talking about it years later. These are the things they remember, the acts that make them feel special

madrekarin said...

Oh, it's beautiful!! Perfect for a lovely teenaged girl.:)

Shannon said...

WOW-ZAH!!!!! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING makeover in such a short amount of time and the designe is FABULOUS!!!!!

Laura said...

I love surprising my girls this way, I have done it for each of them! She looks so beautiful and happy in her special space.

Greyscale Territory said...

This is a wonderful feat in just a weekend! Incredible! You have turned space into a special corner of the world! Really a beautiful accomplishment!

Hey Harriet said...

Wow! That is an amazing transformation. And all completed in such a short amount of time! The room looks gorgeous! A truly beautiful job Robin!