Sunday, June 13, 2010


the house is quiet this morning.
except for the animal children.
gandie was out alone last night.
something that really stresses me.
there are tom cats in the neighborhood.
and they are mean.
they have fought with her before.
mattie and i were out in the dark with a
flashlight last night,
but we couldn't find her.
couldn't hear her little bell around her neck.
mattie saw her this morning.
around 6:30.
no collar.
(she always has a break away one on.)
no obvious signs of a fight.
she went quickly to the couch to sleep.
after having a bite to eat.
blue this morning is acting
the part of the concerned
big brother.
he is very curious of the
new scent that sister has.
he is following her around
making noises at her.
she is not ready to tell him her tale
of the night.
she had taken her place among the silver king.
her favorite place.
to sit and watch the birds
at the feeder.
i wonder.
will she think about her night alone.
will she think about why it was dark
and there was no one to let her in.
will she remember hearing her name
being called in the dark by her
big human brother...was
it really him...
or was she too far away to recognize his voice.
they become a fiber of our lives.
concern for her was very real.
when i saw her this morning.
curled up on a blanket.
on the couch.
i was relieved.
she rolled over so i could rub her belly.
i believe i am forgiven.
for letting her be in the dark.
i bend down close to her ear.
i tell her i will try .
very hard.
to not let it happen
i hope she will remember...
just how much she is loved.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Rosebud Collection said...

When I had a cat..I wouldn't let him outside..We have nasty cats around and you would hear them fighting.
I bet your cat was very happy to get in the house after a long night.
Enjoyed all the pictures..lovely.

Martha Z said...

You do have a way, both with images and with words.
Cats, in my experience some of them seem to have a need to get away, be on their own. When they are gone I wonder, will they be back? Usually they come home, sometimes they don't

joanne said...

Gorgeous photos and writing.

When I was a little girl I had a kitty prone to wandering. The longest he was gone was two weeks. I was worried sick about him the whole time. When he came back home I wondered where he had been and if he had missed me as much as I missed him.

I'm glad your furry friend is home safe and sound and snoozing on the sofa again :)

Sciarada said...

Hi Sara, you live in a place very beautiful and your cats are lovely

Sweet Repose said...

Our little creatures become so ingrained into our hearts, we struggle so about the 'what-ifs'...I haven't seen my little furry kitten under the porch for over a week, taken refuge elsewhere, where the crazed barking of Scratchy's cat hate are not heard...perhaps!

Have a wonderful week lil' friend...hey Tilda!

cai - said...

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Have a good one!

Nan said...

You have some beautifully captured images here and a wonderful way with words to enhance them.

Thank you for an inspiring visit. :)