Saturday, January 9, 2016

...three fifty seven.

Inez C. Byers
Gramma Byers to me.

this is what she wrote...
worked by pat byers
tustin, mi
december 28, 2001
in memory of Inez Christine Johnson Byers
august 14, 1914 to december 7, 1993
mother of ron, mary and ellen
wife of Herman Elmer Byers
married january 4, 1936
she was a wonderful woman.
always beautiful inside and out.
mom was beautiful even in her old barn boots, 
with a ragged old jacket.
tattered gloves and that goofy cap she wore
with flaps to cover her ears.
she will always be remembered for her ice cream cones,
 her gladiolas in summer, 
her one blue, one brown eye.
her laugh,
those crazy sandals she wore with no support.
her dedication to the augustana lutheren church.
and her family
her strawberry shortcake.
her liver pault, baked beans, rice pudding,
chocolate cake with white icing
and her laugh.
her tasty pies, her ice box cookies always ready in the frigerator.
the teapot always hot on the stove.
and her laugh.
what a privilege it was to know her.
i miss you mom.
but your memory stays alive.

even more precious than the front.
is what she wrote on the back.
i cherish each memory she spoke of.
beautiful moments.
roll into a lifetime.
of unconditional love.
just BE.

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Tilda said...

and the writer, just now seeing this, sat and cried.
she, the grandmother, was all those things.
and just now, I heard her laugh. and I cry.