Wednesday, January 6, 2016 three sixty.

It is still so new & all we see is the empty space, 
but that is not how it is in the landscape of the heart. 
There, there is no empty space & she still laughs & 
grapples with ideas & plans & nods wisely with each of us 
in turn. We are proud to have known her. 
We are proud to have called her friend....

a day.
very trying to my BE'ing. 
i felt, on my drive home.
if i could just get behind my lens.
my heart could be happy.
it was late, getting home.
so this is what i got with my phone.
then i went and had dinner across the road.
with my folks.
just BE'ing the kid.
at your parents house.
is enough.
that is my moment.
day three sixty.
just BE.

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Oman said...

Happy New Year. Hope you have a great one.