Monday, January 11, 2016

...three fifty five...

Walking into the sunlight filled field
With the weeping willow slowly dancing in the warm breeze,
The lake smooth on the surface even though
Underneath life flourishes,
Off in the distance there is a deer running back into the woods.
Always dreaming of the simplicity of that life,

Sitting in this picture perfect landscape thinking to myself.
Why must we make life so difficult?
Every once in awhile you need to stop and enjoy the scenery,
Because life isn’t about how much power you have
Or how many friends you have,
Life is about trying to find what makes you happy
And not getting caught up in the everyday nonsense.
This field put everything into perspective,
If you rush through life and never stop to look around
Have you ever really lived?

by Craig Wharem

my tree is down.
outside now, placed by my bird feeders.
so that the feathered creatures.
may take shelter from the wind and snow.
but i can't bring myself to undress the mantel.
i love the greens and light.
it will stay up.
i will breathe in the light.
i will enjoy the moment.
just BE.

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