Sunday, July 28, 2013


coffee hour
 the next three are belly shots.


“I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. 
From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. 
In my own limited experience I have found 
that the more we care for the happiness of others,
 the greater is our own sense of well-being. 
Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease.
 It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have
 and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter.
 It is the principal source of success in life. 
Since we are not solely material creatures,
 it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone.
The key is to develop inner peace.”
The Dalai Lama
beauty is all around.
do what you can.
to be happy.
start small.
and let it grow.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

This is a beautiful post! You coffee hour photographs exude such peace and joy for life. Blessings!

GizmoGeodog said...

My favorites are the wood grains on the chair back and the seat...Have a serene Sunday

Margaret Gosden said...

Your macro shots are just marvelous!

Katrin said...

Amazing shots - each one of them. Like a photo meditation - love it!

Carola said...

Wonderful summer garden shots, full of atmosphere. Relaxing coffee hour.

deb did it said...

oh Robin, how I love to come here and sit with you for a while. Such beauty, and you capture it all.I like what Katrin said above " photo meditation " Truth.

Kathe W. said...

my favorite is the Black Eyed Susan looking like a rising sun!
and "the more we care for the happiness of others,
the greater is our own sense of well-being."
This is so very true. Caring fills my heart.
Have a wonderful week.

Nonnie said...

I have no favorite in this beautiful array, just enjoying each!